Some Boston Marathoners will run Baltimore's race 'because there are other people who can't'

Halfway up Heartbreak Hill, an iconic stretch of the Boston Marathon course, Erica Greene was stopped by race officials, having just completed her 20th mile. The news of a bombing at the finish line had traveled down the course.

For a few months after that race, Greene, a teacher at Turning Point Academy in Lanham, let her running fall to the wayside....

Fred Dickson, 53, has sights on semipro football records

Fred Dickson is a cancer survivor, a father of three, an aspiring author, a master plumber and an inspirational speaker

The 53-year-old also happens to be a semiprofessional football player.

The 6-foot-5 defensive end with the white mustache and shaved head is the oldest player on the Arbutus Big Red, a team that's made up largely of teenagers....