the anti-trump resistance will be streamed on facebook live

June 18, 2017 // Portland, Oregon

The city feels like a war zone even before the boom of flashbangs crack the air. Protesters clad in body armor consisting of kneepads and elbow guards flee police in body armor made from ceramic and Kevlar. Yellow smoke fills the air with a pepper scent that triggers coughing fits, from a substance cops tweet has not been deployed by them. As some protesters retreat, Cameron Whitten begins to sprint toward the chaos...



June 28, 2018 // Paraguay

Susy Delgado’s voice rises in soft staccato bursts, fluttering then falling, rolling quietly through question mark inflections in conversation with herself. The push and pull fits a poem combining Spanish and Guarani, the indigenous language of the rural and native Paraguayan people. She reads the first lines of her bilingual tome — Yvytu yma, or Viento viejo, translated “old wind” — which won the country’s national literature prize last year. Her words breeze through her own storied career, one that has taken the 68-year-old from the then-rural farmlands of nearby San Lorenzo to the concert halls of Buenos Aires and Madrid and London as a professional dancer, and finally ending up here, where she serves as an adviser to the minister of culture in the sweltering Paraguayan capital of Asunción....




all photos taken by nick fouriezos while reporting


interactive fusion maps


Using google forms, I created maps detailing where georgia senate candidates got their contributions from, state by state

TWO of the maps are below.