remember this

Corks didn’t pop from champagne bottles the night before. No plastic banners welcomed the dawn of a new year. No trash cans groaned under the weight of paper plates from party guests departed. All the lights in the Greensboro home had been turned off long before midnight.

It was the morning of New Year’s Day 2014, but for the Brown family it was just another day. Until it wasn’t....

Georgia property owners not required to disclose hidden drug risks

Investigators entered the Norcross home with gas masks and the same kind of chemical-resistant suits now used in treating and transporting Ebola victims.

They knew the danger wasn’t just in the crystal methamphetamine that they scooped with black salad ladles from plastic trays into Tupperware containers. The air ducts, sewage and floor boards could have absorbed toxic fumes from the orange barrels filled with a poisonous brew of battery acid, lye, toilet bowl cleaner and nail polish.

medical marijuana: can family afford to wait?

The question hovers over Kelli Hopkins every day.

It rises with her each morning as she feeds her two remaining sick children their seizure medicine — five pills for Mary Elizabeth, seven for Michala. It follows as she packs them and their wheelchairs into the van for another hospital visit, another brain scan, another trip to the emergency room...

federal grants helped candidate prosper, but he wants spending cuts

Libertarian Andrew Hunt touts a free-market philosophy and an anti-establishment bent against government spending in his quest to become Georgia’s next governor. At the same time, his nanotechnology company received millions of dollars in federal research grants that kept it afloat and ultimately made it profitable.

Federal records show Hunt’s technology firms have received almost $38 million over the past 20 years, support that’s helped his businesses get a crucial foothold in a cutthroat industry....