Enterprise Journalist

Versatile. Diligent. Creative. Dogged. empathetic. 

My name is Nick Fouriezos, and I am OZY's National Politics Reporter specializing in immersive, narrative non-fiction that seeks to shed light on the way policy impacts people. 

I can enter any situation or community and find deeply-felt, original stories that capture national impact while maintaining fairness toward local sensibilities. I know because I've done it: reporting on the ground in five continents and all 50 states; covering the 2016 presidential campaign trail; and spending all of 2017 on the road while pitching, reporting and photographing a project where I visited 137 cities and spent a week each in 43 states, covering the crucial political, business and cultural stories that other national media had overlooked. 

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 Along the way, I've secured and conducted exclusive interviews with dozens of governors, senators and CEOs; knocked on the doors of former meth labs and staked out courthouses for corrupt politicians; smoked cigars with the fat-cat Black businessmen of the Southside of Chicago, boated down rivers full of radioactive alligators in nuclear-infested waters and flown in single-prop planes over Yellowstone while reporting on proposed gold mines -- regularly introducing my readers to the people and ideas they needed to know months (and even years) before competitors such as the NY Times, Atlantic, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

As a result, my work has been recognized by the likes of Columbia Journalism Review and Cheddar as eschewing the worst parts of parachute journalism while shedding light on unconventional voices. And I've been asked to appear on national and local spots to give my reported expertise, from television spots with MSNBC and Headline News to radio hits on Sirius XM's P.O.T.U.S. channel and others.

Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.